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Bravo Trailers LLC (the “Company”) warrants the original owner/end user that the trailer will be free from defects in materials and workmanship, except as herein limited, for a period of three (3) years on Scout and Silver Star models and five (5) years on Star and ICON models. This warranty is non-transferable from the original owner/end user and begins on the date of the first retail purchase, provided all stated conditions and exclusions are met and satisfied. The obligation of this warranty shall be limited to repairing or replacing any part or parts which, in the opinion of the Company, are determined to be defective during the warranty period.

In order for the warranty to be effective, the warranty registration certificate must be returned to the Company within 15 days of the first retail purchase. Failure to return the completed registration certificate to the Company may invalidate this warranty.

All warranty requests must be presented to the Company and proper arrangements must be made with and approved by the Company prior to the repairs being made.

All warranty repairs must be made at the Company’s factory unless prior written approval is obtained from the Company before repairs begin. The Company may elect at its option to have warranty work performed by a qualified repair shop.

The Company will not be obligated in any way to pay for actual repairs made unless specific written approval from the Company is received in advance of any repairs being made. Repairs must be made in a manner that is approved by the Company. Charges for labor and parts for any covered warranty work are limited to the cost that would have been incurred by the Company at its factory for such labor and parts.

Except as described in this warranty, the Company will not pay any other charges or expenses, including overtime labor, service calls, loss of use, inconvenience, rental of substitute equipment, towing charges, transportation costs, or other commercial loss. Such charges or expenses are the responsibility of the customer and will not be paid for by the Company.

This warranty covers all defects in workmanship by the Company. This warranty does not cover the following components (“excluded components”): Tires, wheels, axles, jacks, couplers, paint, electrical and plumbing parts, seals, plywood, aluminum components, windows, doors, awnings, generators and electrical fixtures and any other component that carries its own manufacturers warranty. The excluded components are covered by the warranties of the manufacturers of these components. Any potential warranty claim for an excluded component must be presented by the owner/end user to the manufacturer of that component for reimbursement.

This warranty does not cover any equipment or components that have been modified, repaired, or altered in any way. The Company will not be responsible for work performed or options installed by others, including without limitation, graphics, special awnings, and hydraulic lift systems. This warranty does not cover corrosion to the frame, skin, electrical, or other construction materials caused by the presence of any product causing a chemical reaction to the materials used to build the trailer (fertilizers, cement, caustic chemicals, etc.).

This warranty is void if the defective part or parts were caused by misuse of the product. The Company, in its sole discretion, will determine if misuse has occurred. Examples of misuse include overloading (as determined by the gross vehicle weight rating and not payload capacity as shown on the vehicle identification label), improper loading, negligence, alteration, accident, and lack of reasonable and proper periodic maintenance.

This warranty does not cover damages caused by loose or improperly torqued lug nuts, incorrect or altered hitch balls, improper hitching, loose bolts and screws, or damages to any tow vehicle or tow vehicle wiring.

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